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FootCulture - Orthopedic

How Dr Smart helped FootCulture increase their visibility to 500% within 90 days

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  • 250%  Increase in total searches

  • 500% Increase in FB page reach
  • 430%  Increase in page visits across Instagram and Facebook

Problem : Dr Pawan Kumar’s Clinic, FootCulture required a digital marketing agency that could promote his unique approach of treatment for foot and ankle related problems. He wanted to promote his custom footwear solutions and non-surgical treatment options in a market which heavily relies on traditional treatment options.

Solution : Dr Smart is able to solve his issues by providing FootCulture with a fully optimized website and social media engagement that informs his patients about his unique footwear solutions. Within 90 days, the total searches of his clinic on google increased to more than double, as more and more people were able to find his clinic through local search results on Google.

Our concentrated digital marketing strategies were also able to increase his social media presence, particularly Facebook and Instagram, thus boosting his online visibility tremendously.